DANE Author, Donald R. Hoofard, Sr.

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On this page we list just some of the services we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new services.

Short Story
Screen Plays
Dependant on your particular needs, time frame for work completion, and type material to be written.  Call us at 409-383-9033 or Email us at admin@hoofard.us and provide us the summary information and your contact method(s). We will be happy to contact you to discuss your project.  Consultations are always FREE.  We do request all methods of payment be through www.elance.com/buyer



We also offer Martial Arts training in Tai-Kwon-Do and Aikido in partnership with Le'Chien Martial Arts.
We continue to take assignments as an active Bounty Hunting Agency taking cases to apprehend fugitives from U.S. Justice worldwide. These cases provide the story "LIFE" of the "DANE" Novel series. Mr. Hoofard is very much an active hunter and the author of the adventures he lives. Mr. Hoofard is "DANE".

Hoofard Agency * 4425 N. Wheeler St. * Jasper, TX. * 75951