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ATribute to one of our own, Mrs. Catherine Owens Hoofard
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A tribute to one of our own, Mrs. Catherine Owens Hoofard. We are mourning her passing. She was Mr. Hoofard's rock, right hand, love of his life, and so much more. She will always be greatly missed. She was his inspiration in writing about his world of international bounty hunting. She was his light and the very reason for this web site, his books, and the business of telling his stories. There will never be another like her. She was a one of a kind woman.

She suffered a cardiac arrest that took her from us on March 4, 2011, and was laid to rest March 10th, 2011. Services were held with Forest Oaks Funeral Home and Crematory here in Jasper, Tx., with internment at Little Hope Cemetary in Jasper, Tx. There were many who came to her services. Too many to mention here. She spent her whole life in Jasper. So she was well known among those who are from here that attended her services. Hoofard Agency, and Mr. Hoofard himself, wishes to thank each and everyone of them for having came to honor her in her passing.

God now has our Angel and we now have a whole in our hearts for one of our own. Catherine, God loves you and so do we. WE love you, miss you, and there will not be a day that goes by that you won't be thought of, remembered, charished, and deeply loved.

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